100% Funds Homeless Project

Relief.org (a Grassroots.org 501c-3 charitable effort) quickly responds to communities around the world that are in need during a crisis or disaster. We depend on your charitable donations to help resolve suffering and renew hope. Together we make a lasting impact on the lives of people around the world. When you donate to charity, you fuel efforts to help restore stability, health, and happiness to individuals and communities.

Donations to Relief.org are allocated to a number of needs around the world to treat diseases, supply daily necessity items, assist with development programs, aid recovery from disasters, and help facilitate permanent change for the better. This is an opportunity to help amplify efforts being made to help vulnerable children, families, and communities.

Our parent organization Grassroots.org manages and oversees all donations coming into and distributed through Relief.org. With Grassroots.org by our side, we have the power to ensure your entire donation is used towards humanitarian causes that save lives; without any money held for administrative expenses.

We are committed to improving the quality of life around the world. We encourage any contribution large or small and thank you for your efforts to help us change the world. Get the most mileage out of your money and donate today.

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